About Us

"Latvijas attīstībai" is a classical liberal party aimed at working for and promoting development as the nation’s main and unifying goal. 

Prosperity of our people and willingness to tie one’s future with Latvia is our key driver for introducing policies that deliver results.

Statement of values

Every individual is endowed with free will, independent thinking and action. We believe in one’s natural ability to distinguish good from evil, truth from lies, fair from unfair, and righteous from unrighteous.

Latvia as free, independent, and sustainable country is not an end of itself, but merely a tool to provide individual freedom, security, and competition for its people. Latvia’s goal is to create a democratic, tolerant, and diverse society.

Every decision that reduces restrictions, administrative and tax burden is in the interest of free and democratic society.

People, society, and states are in a continuous development. Changes that derive from one’s inexhaustible creativity needn’t be feared but rather accepted and welcomed.

The state must not decide on behalf of its citizens. Instead, the state must provide the rights and opportunity for each individual to shape and make own decisions.

Any restrictions of economic freedom inevitably result in the loss of political freedom. Therefore, it is in the best interest of a society and state to reduce intervention in free market and private entrepreneurial processes, prevent emergence of state control, state property or private monopolies to the utmost. 

We believe that the core values of modern democracy are still liberty, equality, fraternity.

Liberty means respect for every individual’s right to act, decide, and live how one wishes.

Equality means providing fair and equal opportunities for every member of a society. It means an equal attitude towards each and every individual’s interests regardless of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or physical and mental abilities.

Fraternity in our modern society means being tolerant off differences. Tolerance implies acceptance of the fact that everyone is different and this difference is the key in making society alive, flourishing, and progressive. Fraternity means respect for one’s freedom.

We truly believe that every step in the process of public administration and political decision-making needs to be subjected to aforementioned principles.

In order for these core values to become a reality in Latvia, we will push and support ideas, initiatives, and actions that promote the development of:

  • open and tolerant society
  • open and innovative economy based on knowledge and creativity
  • perception of our country as home for educated, progressive, and venturesome people
  • purposeful, bold, fair and wise politics and government