14 Jul

“Attīstībai/Par!” Prime Minister candidate Artis Pabriks: “We are introducing the new generation to the politics!”

The alliance of political parties “Attīstībai / Par!” (AP!) has nominated the member of the European Parliament Artis Pabriks as its candidate for the position of the Prime Minister of Latvia.

Artis Pabriks is running in the upcoming national elections to the 13th Saeima and is leading alliance’s list in the Vidzeme electoral district. Riga district list is led by the political party’s “Kustība “Par!”” leader and co-chairman of the AP! Daniels Pavļuts; Kurzeme list is led by the political party’s “Latvijas Attīstībai” leader and co-chairman of the AP! Juris Pūce; Zemgale list – by the former Minister of Welfare Ilze Viņķele; last but not the least, Latgale list – by the deputy of the Riga city council Mārtiņš Bondars. Andris Skride, cardiologist, political party’s “Izaugsme” leader and member of the AP! board, is running with the 2nd number in the Vidzeme district list.

AP! has announced the leaders of its electoral campaign in today’s conference. The alliance has also presented its electoral program and priorities: accessible and qualitative health care system, competitive educational system, modern and just economics.

The candidate for the position of Prime Minister Artis Pabriks:”I see a great deal of injustice in Latvia. I am here in order to stand for freedom and justice. I am here so that all people could finally enjoy the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Satversme. Our priorities are health care and education, ensuring Latvia’s sustainability and socio-economic breakthrough.”

In regards to potential cooperation partners, Artis Pabriks stressed that “we do not have to sign any documents initiated by other political parties, since we stand for democracy, the rule of law, and free Latvia. Therefore, I can state that we are not going to form a coalition with, nor enter a government with “Saskaņa”!”

The leader of Riga district list Daniels Pavļuts: “We stand for fair and just economy. There is a lot of injustice. At the moment Latvia’s economy is not modern. It lacks knowledge, vision and ambition in order for the economy to fulfill its potential. On the one hand we can see that life is improving, on the other hand people are still emigrating. A truly modern economy has no losers. In the just Latvia everyone pays taxes.In the just Latvia salaries are higher and enterprises more competitive; entrepreneurship is developed in the rural areas, lifelong learning is available, Latvia’s economy is green and digital, Latvia is exporting technologies and importing knowledge and talent.”

The leader of Kurzeme district list Juris Pūce: “At the moment the government of Latvia is slow, self-preoccupied, and indecisive. Each meaningful change is transformed into a working group and is drown into endless bureaucratic procedures. There are policy areas where such a process has immense effect, for example, education. This is our task to accomplish positive change in the field of education. This is our greta political responsibility. Because no one else is ready to do it. We have to do it, so that our children are well prepared for the future, so that each teacher is prepared for the changes and they receive decent salary and know that their work is demanded and respected. This is our great political responsibility. If we cannot accomplish this task, then there is no place for us in politics. The changes in educational system will shape the next Saeima - is it going to be reactionary, one that supports backwardness and obscurantism, or is it going to be one that enables moder and just Latvia.”

The leader of Zemgale district list Ilze Viņķele: “Democracy and freedom are not self-evident things, they have to be practiced and cultivated. This is the duty of our alliance. We have to listen to the people without accusing them of not engaging. It is our duty as politicians to create and offer the choice. Arrogance is a sin that paves way to populists.”

The representative of the Vidzeme district list Andris Skride: “Medicine and its development has stopped in our country at the moment. Not only economy, but medicine too is governed by several oligarchs. It is our task to change this. We know that young people die in Latvia. There are no good specialists available in the regions. We will have to ensure their presence. The so called “green corridors” are not effective if in end there is no specialist. There are 18 thousand nurses registered in Latvia and only less than half that work. They are getting paid 3 euros per hour. We will have to think about the nurses to ensure that due to extra work load and multiple working places they do not die at work, as it sometimes happens now. There is a practise when doctors voicing different opinions are singled out and the Health Inspection is sent to them for checking. Medicine has its own “nanowater” heroes that receive state funding. After pointing it out I was sued in court. Nonetheless, together with you I am ready to fight against all injustice in the field of medicine.”

The leader of Latgale district list Mārtiņš Bondars: “The coalition between ZZS and “Saskaņa” has governed for too long in Latgale. Latgale with the lowest development level of the territory, the highest unemployment rate, and the lowest investment rate - a harsh legacy. And what have been the others doing? They have been constantly backing down - not investing resources to win the elections. We shall neglect no one. I cannot imagine Latvia without Latgale. We shall fight for Latgale, so that there is a new era for Latgale and the end of the ZZS and “Saskaņa” coalition!”

For the second consecutive month “Attīstībai / Par!” has one of the fastest growing ratings among political parties in Latvia. “Attīstībai / Par!” is forth most popular political power with 7,5% support, if proportionally distribute the “undecided votes”. We are the only alternative to current governing coalition, pro-Kremlin parties, and aggressive populists.

The goal of the alliance is a convincing start in the upcoming national elections, ensuring the participation of younger generation with international experience and education in the 13th Saeima and overturning the current political elite that has led the country to stagnation and caused people to emigrate.