20 Apr

A party alliance "Attīstībai/Par!" established

Political parties Kustība "Par!”, “Latvijas attīstībai” un “Izaugsme” joined their forces and established a political alliance "Attīstībai/Par!", which was officially registered on the 20th of April. The aim of the alliance is to develop a modern and just Latvia within the European Union.

"Attīstībai/Par!" is a real alternative to the current coalition and is taking part in the upcoming elections to the 13th Saeima. The alliance kicked off its campaign with a presentation event at the K.K. von Stricka villa on April 26th.

The goal of the campaign is a convincing start in the upcoming national elections ensuring the participation of younger generation with international experience and education in the 13th Saeima and overturning the current political elite that has led the country to stagnation.

“Attīstībai/Par!” co-chairman Daniels Pavļuts: We are offering a just policy for each and every Latvian citizen, ensuring availability of paid health care, modern education, and guaranteed basic pension for them. We shall work responsibly so that Latvia is a modern, just, well-off, and competitive 21st century country with its citizens proud of their country and us governing it.

“Attīstībai/Par!” co-chairman Juris Pūce: When in news or being interviewed, the current government and its representatives state that everything is in order in Latvia, when in fact it is far from the truth. We are lagging behind dramatically with unclear tax policies and half year long lines for a doctor appointment. Even if re-elected, this government's politicians are unable to change anything since, unfortunately, they are still prone to Soviet time mentality and virtues. That is why a new generation - people who know what to do and how to do it - shall enter the political arena and start working for Latvia's benefit.

The alliance "Attīstībai/Par!" has more than 1300 members. Its board members are Daniels Pavļuts, Juris Pūce, Ilze Grīnberga, Viesturs Liepkalns, Ilze Viņķele, Evita Goša un Andris Skride.